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Starting now...The former legacies of the Northern Heavenly Sect. I shall collect them, one by one.

— Mu-Won declaring war on the former Great Four of the Northern Heavens.

Jin Mu-Won commonly known by the epithet Northern Blade, is the main protagonist of Legend Of The Northern Blade and 5th generation Sect Leader of the Northern Heavenly Sect. He is also the sole practitioner of the secret martial art known as ''Gathering Of Ten Thousand Shadows'', and the son of 4the generation Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho [1]. He is introduced as a child who watched his father die as the result of a sinister plot cooked up by the Central Heavenly Alliance led by the Nine Skies, and the Great Four of the Northern Heavens who betrayed the sect.

While publicly posing as a blacksmith, Mu-Won secretly learned martial arts while living as a captive in his home for 3 years. The Northern Heavenly Sect was mysteriously attacked as it was hosting the descendants of the Nine Skies. Mu-Won revealed his hidden abilities when he fought against Tae Mu-Kang, the Demon of Chaos before vanishing for 7 years to train and hone his martial arts skills and returned to the outside world to seek out a missing Hwang-Cheol.


As the sole surviving member and inheritor of the legacy of the Northern Heavenly Sect, Jin Mu-Won wears the traditional uniform synonymous with the fallen sect, that being a blue-grey tunic with dark brown seams along with white pants and black shoes. Mu-Won's sleeves are often rolled up to his elbows, highlighting his muscles which were developed during his time as a blacksmith. He has dark hair which he used to keep neat and tidy by tying it up with a hairpin. His hair later became unkempt and messy during his teenage years while he was held captive. During this period, his hair grew past his shoulders. By the time he left the Jeokam Mountains, however, his hair had grown down his back and is currently tied up in a simple hairband while sporting dark brown armbands which compliment the color of the seams on his tunic.



Jin Mu-Won is the son of the 4th Generation, Northern Heavenly Sect Leader, Jin Kwan-Ho. He lost his mother at an early age and grew up in the Northern Heavenly Sect. His father made him read books and learn the language of the Lower Moon Kingdom at an early rather than practice martial arts. This was done so that Jin Mu-Won would, in time inherit the martial arts engraved on the Wall of Ten Thousand Shadows.

Battle Prowess

A Transcendent Martial Master, Jin Mu-Won is an extremely powerful and capable martial artist, capable of injuring one of the strongest members of the Silent Night, and a legendary one at that. And after 7 years of mastering his skills, He was able to defeat many sect leaders and also killed one of the great four of the northern heavens Jo Cheon-Woo who was on par with the four demonic lords of Silent Night in terms of power. Jin's abilities are so great that he was able to surprise the "Ten Thousand Poison Emperor" Tang Geon-woo by being the first person to easily break through the old master's "One hundred dusk of falling leaves" technique.

Martial Arts

Gathering of the Ten Thousand Shadows
SBoE - Waves of Desolation.jpg Gathering Of Ten Thousand Shadows:

This martial art was created by the First Northern Heavenly Sect Leader, Buk Jin-Hu, a vagabond and a genius swordsman who created it during his many years of travelling and wandering. This martial art was inscribed on the ruined walls of the Northern Heavenly Sect and could be seen from the shadows cast by the walls during sunset. These walls are the Walls of Ten Thousand Shadows. The secrets of the martial arts were inscribed on the walls in a forgotten language from "Lower Moon Kingdom". It has been described as a martial art that has gone through refinements over the years under the different sect masters of each generation with it yet being incomplete. It is a martial art that not even the disciples of the sect know about. It is meant for only the leader of the sect and it is passed down through the generations of leaders.

For more information, visit the main article: Gathering of the Ten Thousand Shadows


  • Shattering Finger - Jin Mu-Won launches a two-finger strike at an opponents weapon shattering it on contact.
  • One Focus - Jin Mu-Won puts all of his power into one single strike, that causes devastating destruction, it was the move used to finish off Jo Cheon-Woo.


  • Multilingualism - Jin Mu-Won is knowledgeable in at least two languages. He learnt the language of The Lower Moon Kingdom at a young age and also knows the common language of the mainland.
  • Blacksmithing - To maintain his cover, Jin Mu-Won took up smithing and has crafted quite a number of swords and other weapons. Due to his experience with smithing, he's able to ascertain the quality as well as the weaknesses of weapons and recommend weapons suitable for others (as seen with Mun-Jung).


Snow Flower (Hangul: 설화; transliteration: Seol-Hwa) is the name of Jin Mu-Won's sword that was created from a meteorite that fell on the village of Sacred Mountain and retrieved by Hwang-Cheol following the massacre of the villagers by men from the Broken Fists Sect.

Upon a first glance, the sword known as Snow Flower appears rather unremarkable when sheathed. The sword consists of a brass guard with a simple pattern with a short pommel of a similar composition. The grip is made of cloth that is wrapped around the handle of the sword that allows the user to be able to comfortably maintain a firm grip while in the middle of combat.

As a weapon, Snow Flower is categorized as a Bewitched Blade as a result of the spirit and will of the Head Shamaness tainting the meteorite following the massacre of the village of Sacred Mountain. As such, it's overflowing with an abundance of sinister qi that threatens to consume Mu-Won if not handled properly and thus require him to have a strong enough will to overcome the pressure coming from the weapon.


  • Ambidextrous - Jin Mu-Won might be ambidextrous as shown in an Instagram post, posted by the artist of the of the manhwa, Hae-Min. You can follow him at @j_hm73.


What's the point of dying for your liege when they will never acknowledge your deed? Is it perhaps because they seek honor and glory? But what use would that be when you're dead? The way I see it, they died a dog's death...

I have heard your desire. I shall accept you. You shall now become my first blade.

— To Seo Mu-Sang